Platform Offering and Features


Secure Transactions

Funds are secured with top-tier encryption protocols. Safety and transparency are our priorities.

Tax Documentation

Say goodbye to end-of-the-year tax headaches. Our platform generates tax-compliant reports and essential documentation, enabling seamless filing and record-keeping.


Navigate the legal landscape effortlessly. Our platform is built to comply with international regulations, ensuring that your payroll operations are lawful.

Multi-Currency Support

Accommodate your team's currency preferences, from fiat and bitcoin to stablecoins. Achieve the perfect balance between payment flexibility and regulatory compliance.

Empower Global Contractor Hiring

The quickest and straightforward solution for global hiring and onboarding.

Built For Operators

Designed for ease of use—accessible to payroll operators, not just blockchain experts.

Global Reach

Operate in multiple countries without the hassle of local compliance. We've got it covered.


Payroll Made Easy

Choose the funding method that’s most convenient to your business.

Streamlined Process

Simplify payroll with our intuitive dashboard. Set it up once, and let automation handle the rest.

Real-Time Analytics

Keep track of your payroll expenditures and trends in real-time. Make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

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