Compliant payroll and global contractor management with hybrid payments.

Designed for the future of work

Expand your team globally, quickly and compliantly. Give your team the freedom to choose their preferred payment methods.

Simplified onboarding and automated payroll for your business.

  • Onboarding workflows lets you hire globally in minutes.
  • Streamline payments between fiat or crypto - as flexible as your business needs.
  • Automated payroll helps avoid mistakes and associated fines.
  • No deposits or advance funding gives your business flexible cash flow.

Digital workers love borderless and the freedom of choice.

  • Work from anywhere. Withdraw your pay everywhere.
  • Choose your pay in your local currency, bitcoin, stablecoins or a combination of it all.
  • Set up your pay preference once or change it every time.
  • Stay compliant with local tax and regulations.
Experience the power of distributed, decentralised future way of work.
Manage global onboarding and payments through a single platform.
Fiat, digital currency or a combination of both?
Pay your teams or receive your pay, the way you prefer.
Manage your pay preferences, track payments, view pay stubs and stay compliant with local laws - all from one platform.
Experience the future of work and the new way to make and receive payments.

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